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Finest and Healthy Ghee

A product form the Netherlands with Indian Flavour

A recipe passed down through generations.

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Welcome to the world of Ghee!

Also known as clarified butter

At Diya Ghee we would like to introduce you to the rich and healthy cooking practices that has been a part of traditional Indian culture for thousands of years. Here you can find our tastiest ghee recipe that has been carefully handed over to us through generations. We have always cherished the flavors and tastes of our grandmother’s kitchen and our ghee brings back those nostalgic memories every time we prepare our dishes.

Keeping traditions


Traditional ghee has always been prepared with grass fed cow’s butter. We tried and tested different butter and carefully shortlisted those that brings out authentic taste when processed to ghee. Our traditional preparation methods allows granulation in ghee which highlights the superiority in the quality. To this we sprinkle our family recipe, ayurvedic herbs and spice mix, to give it a mild flavor that helps in enhancing the taste of every dish that you cook. Ghee is extensively used in roasting, baking and frying. It adds richness to the dish when dressed and seasoned with.

Ayurvedic values

of ghee.

Ghee has been a part of ancient Indian kitchen. It is also known as “Ghrita” and it is extensively used in Ayurvedic practices. Ghee is strongly recommended in daily diet and Ayurvedic therapies such as “Panchakarma” or “Anupana” (Vehicle for various medicines). Values and benefits of ghee has been widely appreciated and accepted across Indian subcontinent, Middle east and south Asian countries. It is now making its presence felt in European and American kitchens that are now becoming ever more health conscious.

Commonly known health benefits of ghee

High smoking point: Most oils break down into unstable elements known as free radicals. Excessive amounts of free radicals in the body can result in cell damage, including the development of cancer. Ghee has a smoking point of nearly ~250ºC, so it retains its structural integrity under the high heat when used for frying and roasting.

Studies and journals highlights that it contains high concentrations of monounsaturated Omega-3 which we also call as healthy fat. It is rich with fat soluble vitamins like vitamins A, C, E, D and K. It is a good source of conjugated linoleic acid, or CLA.

Ghee is filtered out of all solid components that contains lactose and milk proteins thus making it suitable for lactose intolerant consumers and to those who are allergic to cow’s milk.

Ghee being a rich source of healthy fat and hence is always advisable to use it as a part of a balanced diet.

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